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Brow wax and tint course

The brow wax and tint treatment is a great place to start when beginning as a brow technician, giving you the base knowledge of understanding how to create a shape, how to use a tint and what colours to use.

A brow wax and tint a ‘bread and butter’ treatment, one which you can do quickly and earn good money once you have the right skills to do so. Although there are many other brow treatments out there which are more fashionable, the standard brow wax and tint is still very popular amongst many of our clients.

Dani, our course tutor, loves brows although she hasnt always! Her first course left her feeling scared of them! With not enough practical training on the day, no exploration of tints and no idea what shape would suit who, she was pertrified of them! Which is why we make sure you are given all the information and practical time with Dani you need, to be able to leave us feeling confident and ready to tackle any brow.

Dani has worked hard to develop her skills, constantly updating them through further training to ensure she can pass on to you everything you need to know and more to start or develop your career. She is fully qualified level 3 AET trainer and all courses we provide are fully accredited and insured by ABT.

Upon registering to our course, you will be sent our manual in the post for you to study. This contains:


Insurance – we can give our learners an exclusive 10% discount to ABT insurance policies

Health and safety

Record keeping

Anatomy and physiology

Brow shapes

Your kit, what you need and what we recommend (we also have kits available to buy)

Step by step aplication

Trouble shooting

The manual goes into varying detail on the above subjects to give you a base knowledge that we can then build on. We will then schedule a video call the first to go through the manual, to discuss and go into further detail and ensure you fully understand the theory behind brows. We will also discuss your kit, what you will need, where to get it and what products we recommend.

After this call and once we are allowed to do so, we will schedule your training day which will be a maximum of 2 people, ensuring you get the very best from our trainer. One to one sessions are also available upon request.

The day will be a half day starting at 10am and aiming to complete around 2.30pm in either our salon in Chesterfield (The Nail and Beauty Lounge on Allpits Rd, Calow) or in Rotherham at (The Shack in Kimberworth Park.) Will include recapping the theory, demonstration of a brow wax before completing 2 set brow wax and tints on actual clients with the trainer observing and advising as you go.

We believe the day should include as much practical as possible to give you the best start to your new treatment. Once the day is completed, you will be required to complete 3 case studies before certification is issued. We are extremely thorough and want you to take away all the skills and knowledge you will need going forward to make a real success of your business.

You will become part of our academy group which is a great place for learners and tutors to discuss treatments, show progress and talk all things around your new beauty treatment.

Our brow wax and tint course costs £129

You will be taught in groups of 2 to maximize your time with the tutor. One to one sessions are also available upon request.

With the ongoing covid restrictions we are taking students for this course, aiming to complete all the theory and practice via online calls and then once we are allowed to do so, we will schedule the practical day. We are taking payment of £79 at the point of booking, with the remaining £50 to pay a week before the day.

To book onto our Brow wax and tint course simply click the paypal link below to pay your deposit, we will then get in touch and get you started.

If you have any questions about it, simply use the contact us page to register your interest and we will get in touch xx

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