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Patch testing

You may or may not have seen from your hairdresser or on other salon pages, that we are required to re patch test for ALL treatments prior to your appointment.

It has been a while since we last saw you and as ever, our main priority is to keep you safe. Patch testing is required for any tinting treatment, lash lift, henna, lamination or lash extension treatments.

We have always completed patch tests as it gives us an indication as to whether you have an allergy to any of the ingredients in the products we use, allowing us to try a different product or advise for an alternative treatment rather than you suffering with a reaction.

Because of Covid 19, not only have we not seen you for over 3 months, but the infection can also mean you could be more susceptible a reaction, therefore we MUST patch test you again for the above treatments.

Once we have our confirmed opening date, we will be allocating a couple of days in the first week, for Dani to patch test you for all your favorite treatments. This may be seen as a bit of a pain, BUT it means you are safe, we are insured and we can hopefully get back to doing our thing!

It gives us a great opportunity to have a quick catch up, discuss any changes you may have experienced and have a consultation ahead of your appointment to make sure your previous treatments are still the right ones for you going forward.


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