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Russian Lashes

Russian Lashes are an advanced lash technique used to create a fuller more noticeable lash line which involves making a fan of lash extensions and applying to one natural lash.

The beauty of Russian lashes is that you can create many looks, from a light natural set, wispy set or fuller look. This is due to each fan being created in the appointment to suit the natural lash it is being attached to.

Based in Calow, Chesterfield

If you have weak or sparse natural lashes don’t worry, we can use 0.03 lash extensions, which are extremely lightweight, to create a fluffy and fuller lashline.

Want a fuller but natural look, we can mix the lengths of the fans to create a mixed look, after all no one has lashes that are the same length across the eye.

If you are unsure of the type of lash extensions you would like, book in for a patch test with Dani and she can discuss your lashes and the effects that can be achieved.

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