brow lamination
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Brow Lamination

Brow Lamination is a treatment which involves perming the hairs to manipulate and set a brow shape.

Brow Lamination is a two step process to achieve the desired look. The first stage breaks down the hair bonds, allowing us to manipulate the hair to a new position.

The second stage is another cream which rebuilds the bonds allowing us to set them into the new position.

We can also tint the hairs and create shadowing with a light skin stain to help achieve a fuller fluffy looking brow.

This treatment suits many people, if you would like to correct the direction of your hair growth to create a natural sweeping arch. Also fo people wanting to create a full and fluffy brow.

For this treatment you must have a patch test at least 48hours prior to your appointment.

This treatments takes up to 1 hour and lasts up to 6 weeks.

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